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The Mysterious Dance of Life

In absolute terms, there is no reason for this life.

There isn't a purpose why any of us are here.

Whatever you gain, achieve and possess over your life will be stripped away that the end anyway.

In this way, life is like a dance. We do not dance to get to the end of the dance, or to get to some particular point in the dance.

Rather, we dance for the sake of dancing. Dancing is its own reward.

And so it is with life.

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Life exists for its own sake and not to give us any particular feelings, circumstances, or events.

Now, perhaps this sounds awfully negative to you.

If life exists for its own sake, there is nowhere to get to and nothing to achieve.

Where is the meaning in that?

If there is no meaning, “what should I do?” becomes a difficult question to answer.

And that, I suspect, is the real root of this question.

It is a question posed by the intellect, which itself is a problem-solving machine.

If there is nowhere to get to (i.e no goal), then there is no problem (no threat), and thus nothing to solve.

This poses a huge existential dilemma for the intellect, and it can make life seem pointless and unbearable.

“Why should I struggle and deal with all this bullshit if there’s no meaning to any of it?”

It is a valid question, indeed.

But there is a different way to look at it, and it goes back to dancing.

If life really is like a dance that has no meaning beyond itself, does that not mean that it does not have to go in any particular way?

If there is no outside meaning and nowhere to reach, does that not create an environment of infinite possibility?

And perhaps that’s what life is trying to teach us (in the words of the incomparable Alan Watts):

“This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it’s play.”

However you wish to live your life, live it.

Don't worry about how the dance looks or if you are doing it right.

You were put here to dance.

Not in any particular way, but just to dance.

So… dance, my friends. Dance with all your heart.

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1 Comment

masa ogata
masa ogata
Sep 02, 2023

That's exactly right. Whether it rains or the wind blows, dancing in the sun or even in the dark is what life is all about.

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