Your Life. Your Transformation.

Your Coach.

You will not find advice, strategies or things to practice here. Instead, I will point to the misunderstandings that are keeping you from seeing what’s REALLY going on.

When you see what you are really up against (hint: it’s almost never what you think you’re up against), you will be able to tap into your own wisdom so you can come up with your own insights, and solutions.

While I may be more expensive than most coaches, I achieve deep, lasting results. When you know where to find your own answers, you can stop hiring others to tell you what to do.

Coaching Services I Offer

Speed Coaching Session

€49.99 for a 45 minute session

Come enjoy a coaching conversation with me over a cup of virtual coffee! We will discuss whatever topic you wish to explore.

This affordable session is intended for those wanting to get quick help on a single problem, and for those wanting to experience transformative coaching before committing to a longer coaching package.

1-on-1 Transformative Coaching Package

Individual pricing

This deep 1-on-1 coaching package is designed for those wanting to create real and lasting change in their lives.

No one has the answers to your problems, because you are the foremost expert on your life. That is why you need to find YOUR OWN answers. I will show you where to look, but won't tell you what to see.

Business Coaching Services

Individual pricing

I will help you create results for your business at a level beyond which you may have ever experienced or thought possible - simply by tapping into the full human potential of you and your team.

Learn to run your business and lead your team in a way that is natural, powerful, and inspiring.


Which coaching modality do you practice?

The foundation of my coaching is the inside-out nature of reality, also known as the 3 principles of mind, thought, and consciousness. That said, my coaching is totally unique to me, because I will meet you on a very human level from where we start our journey forward together using the wisdom we both bring to the table.

What are your fees?

Each coaching package is a unique package that I design together with the client. As a result, the pricing varies greatly. I do charge more than most other coaches, and I might be too expensive for you. Coaching with me is an investment that you can expect a great ROI on. Your transformation is my number one priority.

What is transformative coaching?

The aim of transformative coaching is to help you see your life from a radically different and more accurate perspective, which will automatically change your behavior and results. It is about helping you find your own wisdom and wellbeing rather than someone telling you what to do.

Can I book an Intake Session?

Absolutely. Intake sessions are vital so that we can both get a feeling for whether we are a good fit to work together. To book an intake session, please contact me using the contact page at the top menu of the page.

How do I become your client?

In addition to being able to pay the coaching fee up front, you need to be authentic and vulnerable. I will be, too. I cannot coach someone who is not real, authentic or present. Then we can explore what's going on in your world more accurately and humanely and start building toward something great - together.

What a coaching session with me kind of, sort of feels like

Can a music video capture the vibe of a coaching session with me? If so, I would like to think it's this :)

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