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I'm a former business strategist from Finland who left it all behind to become a transformative coach.

This is my story... so far.

Before I had my enlightenment experience, I used to be a habit and strategy junkie.


I would read hundreds of books, try to apply dozens of strategies and implement countless habits that experts like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris recommended.


None of it really worked.


Or it worked a little, but as soon as I stopped applying the strategy or habit, the results disappeared within a few weeks.


I was frustrated and pissed off.


Was I really supposed to spend an hour each and every morning meditating, taking cold showers, and writing down goals and affirmations?


F*** that.


Why is it that animals and children seem to do just fine without “priming” themselves each morning?


And then… it hit me.

The only reason I was chasing all the results promised by strategies, techniques and habits was that I was trying to cope with my insecure and inadequate feelings.


Why else would I be trying to do more and be more all the time?

I was simply trying to fill a hole inside myself, to feel more motivated, more confident and more disciplined.

But the more I tried to fill the hole, the larger it became.


What I realized in that moment was that I was already enough.

There was no place for me to get to.

I was already a perfect, unique me.

I didn’t have to try to be a better version of that any more than a tree needs to strive to be a better version of itself.


It’s a rather curious paradox that when we accept ourselves exactly as we are, then we can change.


And so that is my one habit: I accept myself as I am.


I ignore the story my mind tries to weave of some ideal I should live up to.


I accept my negative thoughts.


I accept my occasional insecurity.


I accept my procrastination.

And simply by this one act alone,


I allow myself to change.


Without violence.


Without needing to overcome myself.


Without subduing some part of me.


Without judgement.


Simply through acceptance.


Through love.


When I accept my shortcomings, I eliminate the shame and fear that insulates them like moats that protect castles.


This allows me to attempt things I never would have before.


I can risk failure and go for what I want.


I am freed of the burden to be perfect.


I don’t need to win every time.


I can simply let my intuition guide me.


To wherever it wants to take me.


All I ever need to do is take the next step.


When I accept myself and my shortcomings, I can accept others’ too.


I no longer need to judge them.


I can meet them where they are.


I can reach out and understand.

I whisper: “Hey, I’m scared and imperfect, too.”

And in my loving acceptance, they can change, too.

Because we’re all perfect in our own unique way.

You are, too.


Over the course of my coaching career, I have had the honor of coaching world-class entrepreneurs, executives, and artists from every continent. 


What I have seen is that although our circumstances may look vastly different, we all grapple with the same questions and problems.

If you'd like to explore what is possible for you, feel free to get in touch with me using the contact page.



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