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Happiness That Lasts

Man has searched for lasting happiness in vain since the dawn of time. That's because we're looking for it from without and not from within.

Happiness and the Illusion of Control

Control is often seen as the way to happiness. But in reality, we have no control over anything, even ourselves. So what is happiness then?

The Two Types of Confidence

Most people don't understand that there are two types of confidence: Conventional and True Confidence. This is how to tell them apart.

Identity - The Human Story

You think you are someone or something. Everyone does. And that's where the difficulty of being human begins.

The Mysterious Dance of Life

What is the point of life? Is to try to get somewhere, or is its own reward? And if it is, what does that mean for us in our daily lives?

The Limits of Self-Awareness

Here’s a pattern I have observed with many people who wake up to the connection between their thoughts and their experience: At first, we...

Your Secret Superpower

One of the most common and least helpful "wisdoms" of our culture is the idea of self-discipline and hard work as the keys to success:...

The Secret to Changing Behavior

Almost all of us want to change some aspect of our behavior, yet so few of us succeed. Here's why, and how we can make change effortless...

Over 130 Sydney Banks Quotes

Sydney Banks (1931-2009) was an ordinary working man who experienced a sudden and profound spiritual enlightenment in 1973. In the 36...

The Profound Simplicity of Life

Life is profoundly simple. It only becomes complex when we try to figure it out with words or numbers. Words, numbers, thoughts,...

The Ego Is Not The Enemy

One of the most misunderstood concepts of psychology is the concept of the ego. Ask 10 people what the ego is and you are likely to get...

How I Improve Myself

We are fast approaching January 1, a date on which millions of people make New Year's promises and begin rigorous self-improvement...