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What Is The Purpose of This Life?

Contrary to what the world - schools, churches, leaders, parents - try to tell you, there is no right or wrong way to live your life.

This may come as a shock, but the truth is that nobody really knows what they’re doing here on this planet anyway.

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash

Most of us are simply doing what others are doing because they appear to know what they are doing.

But no one knows.

We’re all just making it up, because it’s easier to pretend to know than it is to admit that we don’t know.

The global culture is focused on the material world:

The only thing that counts is what’s visible and tangible.

It’s why we’re so obsessed with money, wealth, possessions, achievements, fame, food, and pleasure.

Culturally, we are addicted to the idea of acquiring.

Our prayer is “more, more, more”.

Look around you and you’ll see that most people are always in a terrible rush to get somewhere else.

To get more money, a better body, more followers, a sexier partner, a bigger house, or a fancier job.

We’re so busy trying to get these things that most of us are completely oblivious to the magic that is here now.

Right now, in this moment.

*This* (I spread my arms and look around me) is all there is.

This. Is. It.

But when I am busy trying to get somewhere else, I miss all this.

I miss the beauty and peace of this moment.

I miss the freedom of my own being.

I miss the intimacy of this moment with others.

When I am busy trying to get somewhere else, I reduce this moment to an ordinary, insignificant instant that only serves as a stepping stone to some other, better moment.

But by the time a better moment comes, I’ll be too busy to really notice because I’ll be looking forward to an even better moment.

In this way, so many of us miss 10,000 todays in search of a better tomorrow.

We’re not really here to experience life in its entirety.

We’re not really here to experience our children growing up.

We’re not really here to help each other through this human experience.

So what I am saying to you is this:

There is nothing beyond this moment that is of any value.

Tomorrow will come when it comes, but today is only here now.

No one knows why we’re here.

You’re only wasting time when you’re not fully here now.



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