Devil in a Good Man

Show Up To Life In A Whole New Way

I work together with individuals and groups to transcend the limitations of their thinking so they can show up to life from a place of peace, freedom, curiosity, and love.

Whether you want to solve a problem, perform at a higher level, or simply feel better, I will work together with you in an intimate, creative partnership to help you see your situation from a new, fresh perspective from which you can find your own lasting answers and solutions.

My coaching approach is based on a deep and spiritual understanding of the human mind, which allows me to coach in a way that is gentle, effortless, and profoundly human in nature while being powerful and lasting in its impact.

If you think you've tried it all and nothing seems to work, we should have a conversation.


"Our conversations with Antti have forever changed my world and got rid of the toxic dust that was polluting my perception of reality around me. Since then my career and personal happiness have sky-rocketed. Thank you, Antti."

- Mikolai Stroinski, award-winning composer

World Class Inside-Out Coaching

I help people who want to achieve great things transform their lives and businesses by helping them discover their own wisdom, joy and resilience.


Transformative Coaching

Deep 1-on-1 coaching that is gentle and effortless, but the impact of which is deep and lasting. You will experience less stress, more productivity, improved creativity, natural confidence and better relationships. The only question you need to answer is:

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Business Coaching

Do you want to take your business to the next level but don’t know how? I help executives and their teams think, feel and function better and thereby create dramatically better results. How would better decision-making, cooperation and mental well-being help your firm?

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Learn the understanding that underpins everything that I do and how I coach

"A fascinating and entertaining look into the human experience, the ways in which we engage with the world, and how we can go beyond our thoughts to find peace and clarity in every moment. Highly recommended!”


- Chris Rowell

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