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A Journey Back Home... to You

Your life - be it short or long, happy or sad - will end the same way as all others: in death.

As such, you already know the outcome of this game. You’re not playing to win. You can't win.

When the destination is known, what remains is the journey - a journey of ups and downs, smiles and tears.

When life doesn't go our way - which it seldom does - we resist and think something must be wrong. We suffer. We stumble around confused. We try to force things. 

But what we are missing is that suffering is actually our greatest teacher, but only if we’re willing to stay present for the lesson.

That’s why most of us need to suffer for so long - we’re too busy trying to avoid, fix, or cope with the suffering to pay attention to what is being taught.

It is my job simply to create a safe space so that you can pay attention to the true teacher. 


So that you can find your own answers and come fully alive again. Like you used to be.


"Our conversations with Antti have forever changed my world and got rid of the toxic dust that was polluting my perception of reality around me. Since then my career and personal happiness have sky-rocketed. Thank you, Antti."

- Mikolai Stroinski, award-winning composer


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