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Transformative Business Coaching

Looking Out to the Lake

I help businesses thrive rather than just survive by helping leaders and their teams uncover and tap into their true human potential.


As a former strategist and business developer, I have a deep understanding of business from my previous career at various multinational tech companies.

Contact me to find out how I can help your business.

How We Can Grow Your Business. Together.

I can help your team find its own wisdom, resilience and motivation in many ways.

Clarity & Better Decision-Making

Better decisions lead to quicker execution, less problems and better results.

The less you have on your mind, the more clearly you will be able to think. I will help you and your team find your own clarity even in the middle of difficult, chaotic conditions so that you will make better decisions more often.

View of Meditation Garden
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Less Stress, More Fun

What could you and your team achieve if you experienced less stress and more joy at work? Work environment are often chaotic and demanding, yet the way in which we react to them is totally up to us. 

Finding the joy in our work allows us to be invest ourselves more fully and be more creative, which has a direct impact on our results.

Improved Communication & Teamwork

The strength of any business is ultimately in its people and how well they work together.

Seeing the inside-out nature of our experience allows us to naturally and effortlessly set aside our egos and corporate politics, and unites us to work together toward a common cause.

Sat on the Rocks

Powerful, Natural Leadership

Leadership isn't a function of authority, but rather empowering and inspiring others to think for themselves and take action proactively.

I teach leaders to tap into their innate leadership qualities that make navigating even the rockiest waters natural and effective.

More Efficient & Productive Meetings

I help turn inefficient, soul-sucking meetings into collaborative and powerful sessions that achieve small wonders.

Just imagine the potential of running meetings where everyone is fully present and working together for the benefit of the common goal.


Focused & Motivated Employees

For decades, businesses have sought better carrots and sticks to get their employees to work better and harder.

In reality, true motivation stems unconditionally from within each individual person - all we need to do is stop our well-meaning but totally counterproductive ways of "encouraging" it. Learn how to help each person on your team tap into their innate drive and motivation.

More Creative Solutions

When you help your employees think more clearly and freely, they will reward you with better and more creative solutions to your business' challenges.

A lack of creativity is always a sign of stagnant thinking. I will help you unleash the creative potential in each of your employees.

Creative Solutions Photo by Bruno Scramgnon from Pexels
Toy Plane

Less Crises & Fires to Put Out

As your employees feel and think better, the amount of crises and fires you need to put out will reduce drastically. 

As people naturally focus more on what is important rather than what is urgent, they will automatically steer clear of many potential problems and crises, thus allowing your business to grow and thrive by focusing on its fundamentals.

What kind of transformation do you want to see in your business?

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